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Safari Snorkel Installation

As the LCOOL group purchase is happening, I thought I'd put up some photos and suggestions from the few I've done. This is a fun installation because you get to drill big holes in your bodywork, and there's plenty of opportunity to stuff it up, so take care.  It takes at least 2 hours.

#1  Remove LHS wheel arch liner by prizing the centre of the plastic retainers with a screwdriver.  Instructions say to remove the wheel but I just turned it for access.

#2  Remove the indicator light by pushing it out from inside, and unclip the wiring.

#3  Remove the "boom bottle"

and then hacksaw according to instructions. 

I tapered the cut end and also the steel sleeve edge. Slip the steel sleeve in with a smear of Silastic, then remove all traces of Silastic.

#4  I covered the areas of guard with tape to avoid the extra scratches I inevitably cause.  Then tape template to guard.  I found the template to be spot on, so line it up carefully and trust it!  Mark out holes with a felt tip marker pen.

Use a centre punch, then drill guide holes.  Follow this up with 16mm for the top 2 holes and a 9.5mm lower hole.  These are a lot bigger than the studs to avoid metal-to-metal contact.

#5  Bite the bullet and use a 83mm hole saw (mine was a historic article with brace and bit!) then enlarge with an air hacksaw. 

I used a  jigsaw with metal blade, and supported it off the guard.  File off the edges.

Cut out the indicator hole - best to make this deliberately smaller then file out to the exact size for a tight fitting.

#6  Have a beer and appreciate the fact that you are now beyond the point of no return!

#7  Fit studs and mounting bracket to snorkel, and fit up to vehicle.  Mark out position of pillar bracket with felt tip marker.  Remove snorkel and take off bracket again.

#8  File off and paint up the edges of all the holes.  Watch the paint dry, and redo step #6.

#9  I put some top quality double sided tape onto the pillar bracket, and then fitted it up to the pillar. 

Then installed self tappers.  This is different to the instructions which tell you to drill round holes and install square plastic plugs!  The double sided tape seals against water and secures the snorkel very firmly to the pillar.  Alternatively, you can drill a smaller hole and file it square to suit the plastic plug, then paint up the holes.

#10  Fit up the snorkel and loosely install the panel washers and nuts, and 3 bracket bolts.  When you're happy its sitting right, then tighten them all up.

NOTE [added by gc]: Ensure that no part of any of the studs or snorkel snout are in contact with the panel. Otherwise the panel will act as a sound amplifier and you will experience noise, vibration or other noise problems. This is by far the most common cause of noise issues.

#11  Install flexible duct to snorkel and boom bottle and secure boom bottle.  A light smear of silastic will help to seal all joins.  I noted that the boom bottle was not very secure after having one of its brackets cut off by the hacksawing. 

So I shaped a small bracket out of aluminium

and cable tied the boom bottle to the new bracket - lots more secure.

#12  Reconnect wiring to indicator and reinstall to new hole.

#13  Refit plastic wheel arch and you're done!

2002 GXLTD

Finished installation of a genuine Safari Snorkel

There are other snorkel options available such as the airtec above


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