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Radio Installation

Phil takes us through the installation of UHF radio and new radio/CD player in his 90 Series Prado.

I have just finished fitting a Pioneer radio/CD/MP3 and Uniden UHF radio into my 2002 90series GXL.

I did this because the factory CD player is useless on corrugations and I want to convert to MP3 so I can fit heaps more stuff on a CD. I also wanted to put the UHF into the dash where it is a lot more convenient.


#1 Remove the surrounding trim, pulling it out from the bottom first. Its held by 6 clips that are easy to lose.

#2 undo the 4 screws attaching the stereo and slide out.


Need to wire the new harness into the existing loom. I solder the new wires in so there are no hassles with connections falling apart down the track. I also run a thick fused cable from the battery pos (A4). And ran a separate neg (A7) because the new unit uses more power.

There are two connectors. The smaller one (connector B) is for the rear speakers, the bigger one (connector A) for everything else. If you are colour blind (like me) then look at the scanned illustration of the radio connectors with the following numbering:

A1 = Front Right pos = light green

A2 = Front Left pos = Pink

A3 = Accessory pos = Green/Red trace

A4 = Pos from battery = red but I ran a separate lead direct from battery

A5 = Front Right neg = Blue

A6 = Front Left Neg = Violet

A7 = earth = brown, but I ran a separate earth to a 6x1mm bolt inside the dash.

A8 = Antenna = Black/yellow trace

A9 = Amp + = pink/blue trace = not usually required

A10 = ???? lights - not usually required

B1 = Right Rear pos = red

B2 = Left Rear pos = Black

B3 = Right rear neg = white

B4 = Left rear neg = yellow

I believe the early 96/99 Prados were a little different - the pos battery lead may have been blue/yellow instead of red. The connectors I believe were pretty much identical.

Putting in new radio:

The pioneer was dead easy to install. It came with holes in the sides, labelled "T" for Toyota, and these lined up with the standard holes in the support brackets. Brilliant!

Underneath the deck, I mounted my Uniden UH088 UHF radio which is a DIN size radio with front speaker. I attached it to the underside of the deck with some double sided tape, and it was firmly secured with screws through the side brackets as well. All fitted perfectly. Reassembled! Worked!

I've also removed the ashtray and replaced it with the HF radio's ext speaker, and the head unit of my Barrett HF radio fits in front of it.


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