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CMI Toyota & LCOOL's 2004 Double Simpson Desert Crossing

What a great Trip! 16 vehicles in total crossed the Simpson Desert in the inaugural LCOOL Simpson Double Crossing - and this report is a taste of more to come.

Some who had to back in civilisation and could not attend the second desert crossing will no doubt feel a touch of sorrow, but it's an opportunity to post pictures before the remaining members return from this adventure.

The trip report for the first part of the trip is being worked on but in the mean time, a bunch of pictures and video action from the first part of the trip.

Simpson x 2-04 - LCOOL Group

Day 0
Birdsville Dinner
Day 1
Birdsville - Gidgee
Day 2
Gidgee - Knolls
Day 3
Knolls - Purnie Bore
Day 4
Purnie Bore - Pedirka
Day 5
Pedirka - Oodnadatta - Eringa
Day 6
Eringa - Old Andado
Day 7
Old Andado - Dalhousie
Day 8
Dalhousie rest day
Day 9
Dalhousie - Somewhere in the desert
Day 10
Somewhere in the desert - Clifton Hills
Day 11
Clifton Hills - Clayton
Day 12

Getting there - Darren, GG, GC & Zac's travels North

Day 1
Melbourne - Mopoke Hut
Day 2
Mopoke Hut - Koonamore
Day 3
Koonamore - Clayton
Day 4
Clayton - Birdsville
Day 5
Play time in Birdsville

Getting back - Norm, GC & Zac's travels back home

Day 1
Oodnadatta - Coward Springs
Day 2
Coward Springs - Montecollina Bore
Day 3
Montecollina Bore - Broken Hill

Special thanks to the following for your generous support for LCOOL and this great event: