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CMI Toyota & LCOOL's 2004 Double Simpson Desert Crossing

John's Traveling Mug

John had been looking forward to this trip big time.... Due to tragic circumstances (work....) he had to pull out at the last minute. Unbenounced to him, Darren snatched John's favourite coffee mug and it did the trip for him. The following is a pictorial essay of the mug's travels.

Day 0
Birdsville Dinner
Day 1
Birdsville - Gidgee
Day 2
Gidgee - Knolls
Day 3
Knolls - Purnie Bore
Day 4
Purnie Bore - Pedirka
Day 5
Pedirka - Oodnadatta - Eringa
Day 6
Eringa - Old Andado
Day 7
Old Andado - Dalhousie
Day 8
Dalhousie rest day
Day 9
Dalhousie - Somewhere in the desert
Day 10
Somewhere in the desert - Clifton Hills
Day 11
Clifton Hills - Clayton
Day 12