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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 6 - 2 Oct

Warraweena - Mt Gill Day Drive

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A few stayed behind today as Maddie had cut a finger. Darren and Julie, and Kristen and the girls went to Leigh Creek to the hospital to have it looked at.

The rest of us went to Mt. Gill via Cockatoo Hut.

The first thing to note is that Eloise asked me to make sure I write down “Eloise loves dancing”.

Samuel made sure I note that today he is doing investigations between sticks and rocks.

Last night there was interesting discussion over the flashing red blue green and which of a plane.  Turns out the plane didn’t move for a couple of hours so we figured that it must be a tower or mast of some sort off in the distance.

After a long day moving camp everyone headed off to bed pretty early - once the nightclub closed up that is... How’s the serenity?

Had a good nights sleep and woke up to a warm tent and the prospect of another hot but windy day. We all had a lazy breaky as no camp moving today. Meredith and I did some much needed washing of clothes and bodies before meeting everyone at the homestead for another drive. We headed off at about 10am.

It was very quiet on the radio.. perhaps everyone was sleepy? Then Tim asked if it was just his map that was blurry? Was it his eyes?

Tim then came out with the first Captain Obvious line of the trip - pointing out some rocks that he saw in the river. Soon he’ll notice the dust.

We had morning tea at the Cockatoo Hut where we left an LCOOL ’07 marked rock. I also saw a Adam ’07 and a Samuel ’07.

Some of us had the pleasure of watching Stans car mounting a tree. It was bouncing up and down on it, just like a dog who takes a liking to your leg.

I made some comments about someitmes going 4wding on my own at which point Glen took over and gave us a big sop story about having no friends. And thus inventing the LCOOL Neville awards, where a tissue box is passed daily to the person who has the biggest whinge of the day. Glens sop story had us all playing our violins as we listened on the UHF.

Another of Glen’s comments came when Ivan said something and Glen asked him if he’d like to Hellucinate a little further? I think he either meant to say elaborate or perhaps elucidate?

After the great views at Mt Gill everyone was happy to get out of the creek bed and back to camp for a pleasant arvo in the shade. Some of us had another wash. Adam had a go at some food he hadn’t tried before which quickly ended up on the ground.

Thanks to Stan for trying to get some entertainment going for the kids but in the process of putting it up he mangled it.

Dave and Will Sheridan arrived late in the day.

While Darren was making his famous Chilli Bean dip the kids were sneakily trying to steal the recipe.. But the only thing the got was a hosing down from Darren, who had just a few minutes previously restocked his water supply in town.

Samuel convinced Meredith to go for another run before we all got down to the business of preparing for the big cook off.

It was a great shared meal with everyone contributing... and thats the story so far.. 

Scott McGill

Another Mortelliti moment - Craig's boots outside his tent, with a big day ahead of them

Up at the homestead, Craig took the opportunity to use the large map to give us all a briefing on the next couple of days activities

An eager crowd listens on..

Meanwhile, inside are some relics worth a photo

And again

Off on our trek, the various routes are well marked

Robbie shows the sign to Cockatoo Hut

Dunno who Liz, Trev, Bob and Julia are - but we left an LCOOL 07 rock in the rafters of Cockatoo Hut

Up to Mt Gill, the track looks amazingly smooth, but there are stacks of smallish rocks on the track, making it quite bumpy

Up on top of the hill there there was just enough room to circle the wagons

A leap in technology, using a Westinghouse fridge to house the batteries for the repeater

Scott, Beryl, Ray, Harry and June relax - and yes, Scott IS up to something!!

The track ahead

 Back down the bottom, we wend our way through one of the many creekbeds

A nice incline

Lots of goats out here

But all these ones are penned in at the homestead - the kids having fun here

Camp at Warraweena

Dishpan Daz doing the housework

Julie is preparing the secret ingredients for "Dazza's Chilli Bean Dip" - the heads of 30 Redhead matches are a prime incredient

The kids think Daz is going to give away the secret - come closer boys

You reckon this big oaf isn't up to no good - come closer boys and girls !!!....

So I can hose you down - see stream of water from right and kids running in mayhem to left!!

Lea and Adam have a chat

The girls anticipating Happy Hour - or have they already started on Wine Time - Kristen'ss LCOOL stubby cooler is looking pretty empty!!

Daz is finished and they all line up

The kids are pretty keen too - more chilli next time mate - keep the players down to a minimum ;-)

Discussions on the finer art of dip building...

Meanwhile, the photographers are catching the evening sun, across the road at the Sliding Rock mine

The light is making great work of the photos

A long shadow of the day..

A big chimney - wonder what was attached to this in years gone by

Meanwhile the rest of the smorgasbord has started to appear - Mike and Julie fill their plates

Feasting time


And now for the 8pm Story So Far.....