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LCOOL ACT - Clyde Mountain Trip - 12/13 Mar 05

LCOOL ACT invites any interested LCOOL members to a weekend on the Clyde Mountain.   Situated between Bateman's Bay and Braidwood, the Clyde is a well known obstacle on the Kings Hwy for holiday makers returning to Canberra - with it's steep hills and windy roads, it slows traffic to a crawl.

But that's on the bitumen - our trip will start at Shallow Crossing, and take in the mountain peak of Mt Mogood (lookout), and down through the valleys and streams that surround this area.

The drive is of medium standard and can be completed by any Toyota with All Terrain tyres or better.

The plan is to meet at Shallow Crossing Camping Ground on either Friday afternoon/evening for an evening of entertainment by the campfire, or otherwise by early Saturday morning.

For those who prefer their camper trailers, these won't be a problem.


We will depart the Camping Ground at 0900 to complete the track on the south of Kings Hwy (shown below).   Our aim is to get back to the camp site before 4pm so that we can have a half reasonable social afternoon/evening around the fire.   Kids will be able to swim in the river, hire canoes, or generally run about - a heap of room here to spread their wings.


0900 departure once again.   You can pack up your gear to take with you, or otherwise leave it at the campground until the end of the day - the finish point for Sunday is at the campground, so it might be easier to leave until after the drive.   A couple of the tracks are particularly steep and not trailer friendly.


Previous LCOOL trips have raised money for the RFDS (the Simpson Trip raised in excess of $1000).   Being in the area that we are, it's appropriate to raise money instead for the Southcare Rescue Helicopter.   The fundraising activity will be explained at the brief on Friday night.  

Preparation only involves bringing your gold coins - all will become clear!!  ;-)

Other Notes

  • For those who know Shallow Crossing, we have booked out the smaller of the camp areas entirely (the one to the left of the road, just before the river).  
    • .Costs are (per night):
    • $7 per person
    • $5 for 5-15 year olds
    • 4 year olds and under, free
  • Jim will come across and collect the money on Saturday afternoon when we have returned from the days drive.
  • There is a heap of pallets on hand which we will need to break up if we want to burn, or otherwise go and collect some timber locally (anyone got a chainsaw?)
  • Turn off Kings Hwy on to River Rd at S35°38.481' E150°07.579'
  • Camp site is at S35°31.821' E150°11.881'
  • There are no shops at Shallow Crossing so you will need to be self sufficient, also, there are no powered sites.
  • There are showers and toilets, however these are a short walk up a small (;-) hill
  • Ch 26 will be used for communications.
  • Some photo's from the recce, conducted in Jan, are here
  • A couple of the tracks are a bit tight, and some bush pin stripes may result on the Sunday..  (Nothing that wouldn't polish out resulted from the recce)

In closing, we look forward to a great social activity with some pretty reasonable 4wding, and great scenery.   LCOOLers from all states welcome!

More information is here for those looking for a read.

Your tour guides,

Steve and Sandy, Pete, and Ivan

Click here for track file