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Rear Propeller (Drive) Shaft Fouling

The rear suspension geometry to the 90 Series Land Cruiser Prado is excellent in standard form, however when modifying the suspension for additional suspension lift and travel, care needs to be taken to avoid the rear propeller shaft from contacting the fuel tank guard plate.

As the suspension compresses, the whole axle assembly moves towards the left of the car in an arc described by the lateral control arm (superimposed in the picture above). In addition, if the right hand side wheel moves down, the axle assembly moves even further to the left.

The amount of movement is startling. Even with seemingly adequate clearance between the differential/propeller shaft and the fuel tank guard plate, the axle assembly will contact the guard and on some cases break the rear grease nipple off the prop shaft.

Minor contact shown above. Keep an eye on this area if you run enhanced rear suspension on the Prado.

Certainly a worse case than that shown above. The grease nipple had broken off (now replaced) and the guard showing signs of repeated abuse, with the rear section torn.

Other areas of the propeller shaft showing signs of contact.

If the contact is minor, it may be possible to rectify fairly easily. By  undoing the tank, and bash plate and levering them over away from the propeller shaft, and slotting a couple of holes, adequate clearance may be obtained.


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