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Members Rig - Ivan Sanders - 02 Prado GXL

New off the yard - Oct 02

Driver Details:

Ivan lives in Canberra, with his wife Leanne and three boys.   Adam and Matthew (9) and Ben (5), all enjoy the camping and 4wding experience, and get out as often as they can.

Recent trips include the LCOOL Simpson Desert Double Crossing, Bendethra, Vic High Country, Yalwal, and the Blue Mountains.   Ivan's mum lives at Anna Bay, which backs on to Stockton Beach, so this has been a favorite location when visiting the area.

In the two years since purchasing the Prado in Nov 02, 80,000 k's have been clocked up on the odometer.

Vehicle Details:


Prado, 90 Series, GXL

3.4 Litre

75 mm lift

Lovell Springs (+35%)

Bilstein Shocks




265/75 BFG AT


Barn door
Home made Fold down table

Extended Diff Breathers

Side Steps
McRae Sliders

GME 3200

Roof Rack

Drawers (Custom Design)

Cargo Barrier

ARB Engel 39'

Fridge slide
Home made

Twine (65 mm oversize HE)

Magellan Meridian Platinum


Water System
60l home made (pumped)

Ivan's favorite accessory would be his laptop - always available for GPS and mapping work - but meantime plays DVDs for the three kids whilst on the highway, and from time to time off road (when the day just gets tooo long).   Anything which keeps the kids smiling, and delays the inevitable "Are we there yet, are we there yet" has to be up there on the favorites list!   Ivan uses an FM transmitter to send the audio to the rear speakers so its still habitable up front.

With never enough time in the day, or dollars to spend, the following Priority List sits on his computer:

    (None have been approved by the Minister of Finance)

    1. Real side steps/sliders - the factory jobs are about 60mm lower than they could be..  And not real strong ;-))
    2. Rear air lockers (with a couple of Tight Trouser Tracks, maybe Leanne will tell me I need these ;-))
    3. On board air - to drive the lockers.   Currently Ivan uses an external unit which works fine and is portable BUT...    ;-)
    4. HF Radio.   For those longer remote trips
    5. Real Time tyre monitoring system such as Smartire - maybe a long way down the priority list, but I like the idea!!

    OffroadSystems Drawers and Custom shelf

    Home made shelf - great for making sanga's and fixing brews ;-)
    In Action:

    Old Settlers Trail - Nov 02

    Stockton Beach - Jan 03

    Is this a bow wave?? - Payne's Crossing - Mar 03

    Yalwal - Jun 03

    High and Dry - Fraser Island - Jan 04

    All loaded up and dirty - LCOOL Simpson Double Crossing - Jul 04

    Cresting a dune - Rig Road, Simpson Desert - Jul 04

    Shallow Crossing - Sep 04

    Mt Coree, Brindabellas - Sep 04


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